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Thursday, 20 December 2007 05:39

Vasthu is the dwelling place of mortals and immortals - mortals like human beings, animals, birds, plants and all other living things and immortals like God, Demigod, Spirits etc. Vasthuvidya is the science dealing with the construction of housing units and proper placement of household articles and subsidiary constructions like cattle shed, well etc.

The house is the dwelling place where a person wants to live with peace and comfort. This can be achieved by proper planning and placement of house. It is well known that if we run along the waves of the wind, the energy required will be less or the running will be easier in comparison to running opposite to the waves. Similarly the living according to nature provides physical and mental comfort and helps to develop business and prosperity. The science which is based on the natural principles in Vasthuvidya.




"Amartyaschaiva martyasschaiva yatra yatra vasanthi tadvasthu"

Vasthu stands in Earth. Earth depends on water-water is balanced by Agni, Agni is controlled by air. Air movement is possible in Akasha. Similarly the Purusha - living beings. The body (earth) depends the water. Contents in the body balanced by the Agni (98.6 Degree in the body). Agni-heat is controlled by the air. Breathing which is possible only if we are having space(Akash) inside the human body.

Therefore Vasthu is called as Vasthu Purusha Mandala. So the Vasthu and the building must be considered as a lively place and structure, became it will be having all the qualities and drawbacks of the earth so as in the Sourayudha.

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