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Thursday, 20 December 2007 05:32

Selecting the ideal plot for construction is given great importance in Vasthuvidya. Selection is based on terrain and soil conditions (STHALAGUNA), hydrological factors (JALAGUNA), and biotic factors (VRUKSHAGUNA).

Selection of an Ideal Plot


When considering STHALAGUNA, irregular plan shapes are not preferred. Gentle slope towards East and North are considered auspicious.


Square or rectangular plots are mostly preferred.

Soil is tested to check out its permeability and consolidation. Presence of substances like cinder(Thusha-Puttu), bone(Asthi), hair(Kesam) etc. in the plot is inauspicious.


The clockwise movement of water in the plot is considered as auspicious. Flow to north and East is also auspicious. The site on the southern bank of waterbody flowing from west towards East, or on the western bank of a water body, flowing from south towards north is good. The soil moisture is tested by quick germination of seeds.


Vasthuvidya has classified trees and plants into two categories. Flowering, fruit bearing, and milk exuding trees are good. Bamboo and thorny plants are not considered auspicious in the plot.



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