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Thursday, 20 December 2007 05:27

Vasthuvidya has great eighteen Acharyas(Masters).Sages like Bhrugu, Atri, Vasishta and Silpis(Architects) like Viswakarma, Maya are those who have wrote texts in the subject and practiced them.

The architectural development in India was based mainly on the texts, BRIHATSAMHITA, MAYAMATA AND MANASARA. But geographical, climatic and social features of different regions of India have necessitated some amount of variations in detail. This has given birth to various texts like Kasyapasilpasastra (West India), Vasthumuktavali (North India), Vasturathnavali (South India). In inida, for centuries, architects and Artisans had been designing and building cities, temples, houses, vehicles, jewelleries, roads etc. following those texts.


Vasthu practices in Kerala are based on the texts,

1)Manushyalaya Chandrika (for house constructions)

2)Tantrasamuchayam (for temple construction).



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