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Thursday, 20 December 2007 05:17

MANASARA states that the Earth which is the support of all beings originates from sun. In ancient cultures the sun is worshipped as the bestower of energy. (Eg. Gayatrimantra in India, sun worship of ancient Iran and Japan). In Vasthuvidya, it is prescribed that all artifacts should be oriented in the cardinal directions only. The corner directions indicate fear, quarrel, inconsistency and Infertility for South East, South West, North West and North East respectively.



Earth has got a West to East rotation each day and North South rotation yearly. When we travel in a vehicle sitting just reverse to vehicle, we feel uncomfortable and journey will not be comfortable. If the Earth is compared to a vehicle and itís inhabitants as passengers ,houses are to be necessarily aligned to the rotational directions. i.e., proper North South and East West, alignment is necessary to get the maximum benefits and to live harmony with Earth.


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