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Thursday, 20 December 2007 05:07

As modern engineering uses meter as standard dimensional unit, Vasthuvidya has got itís unique system of measurements. Two systems were developed namely YAVAMANA (based on grain size), MANUSHYAPRAMANA (based on human figure). Former was developed taking YAVA (Barley) as the basic unit. Successive octal subdivisions of YAVA yield TILA, LIKSHA, ROMAGRA, RADHADHULI and PARAMANU.


Dimensional Systems In Vasthuvidya


As far as MANUSHYAPRAMANA is concerned, designing is carried out taking one Hastha i.e., as the shoulder to arm distance of the house owner. Standardization is not practical in this system. And all the designing are carried out based on YAVAMANAM.

For practical use in a field, a Hastha having subdivisions of 24 angulas is used. For larger measurements, a unit called Danda is used; and that is equal to 4 Hasthas.

1 Yava =
3.75 mm
8 Yavas = 1 Augula =
3 Cms
24 Augulas =
1 Hastha =
72 Cms