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Monday, 09 October 2006 18:46
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F.A.Q on Vasthu
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Here is a small collection of Frequently Asked Questions on Vasthu.

My plot has got slopes towards both South and West. The plot is in a rectangular shape. Is this good?
A plot having slopes towards both South and West is not good.
My plot has got road on the South side. Can I build the house facing South?
You can build house facing any of the cardinal direction (North, South, East or West). When you build the house facing South, entry to the house must be from either East or West.
Which is the ideal location for Bedroom?
Both West and South are equally good for bedroom. Master Bedroom is ideal in the South West.
Is there any problem of Kitchen comes on the Western side?
No text prescribes kitchen on the West. But North West is also good for kitchen as it comes joined with the Northern wing.
Which is the ideal location for well?
Well is ideal in the North East.
We propose a fountain in our front yard. Which is the ideal location? Our house is facing North.
Water bodies are ideal on North or East. You can install a fountain on the North East side.
Ours is a two storeyed house. Terrace comes on the Southern side. Is there any problem?
When we build an upstairs for a building, rooms must be either on South or West. If you have terrace on southern side, it is advisable to make roof.
Gate to our house has been fixed on the South East corner of the compound wall. It it ideal?
Gate shall not be placed on either of the corners. One by tenth (1/10) of the plot width shall be left from the corners.
Which are the ideal plants and trees in house compound?
Any of the flowering trees and plants can be grown in the compound. But thorny plants like cactus and plants of the bamboo family are best to be avoided.
Our proposed house is a Nalukettu (Chatussala). Is the sunken courtyard a must? Can we have a pond in the courtyard?
Courtyard in the Nalukettu need not be sunken. Usually courtyard comes in the center of the house. No water bodies allowed other than North or East.So It is better to avoid.
I have heard that foundation stone has to be laid when the Vasthupurusha is awake? Is it true?
In Vastusastra, Bhumi (Earth) itself is considered as Vasthupurusha . Earth is always awake. The auspicious time for laying is prescribed in Jyothisha texts. It doesn’t relate to Vasthupurusha.

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