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Monday, 28 July 2008 09:24
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Indian system does not recognize birth stones since the emphasis are on phases of planets known as DASA in Indian parlance. Though twenty two jewels are mentioned in Brihat-samhita considered as gospel by Indian astrologers nine of them are recommended as important. They are Ruby, Emarald, Pearl, Topaz, Moonstone, Coral, and Diamond and cats eye.

The precious stones are worn through a ring on the finger leaving the bottom of the studded portion open so that the sun’s rare refracted by the stone will fall on the body of the person wearing ring and this is very significance of wearing stones. The astrologer looking at the DASA and other planetary configurations will recommend the particular type of stone as well as the period for which it will have to be worn.

Example: or sun’s malefic influences, Ruby, Moon’s pearl, Mar’s coral and so on.

Other religious rites are also mentioned among which the most important is offering prayers to Almighty and this should be acceptable to all.

GENARAL NOTES: Astrologers learn their craft in the gurukulam style at the feet of the chosen teacher. In well known families the younger generation inherit the mantle. A profound knowledge of SANSKRIT is imperative.

Even after having digested the basic nuances are learnt under the wings of a senior ad they start independent practice only after a probationary period lasting couple of years.

The most important texts and reference books are:

Aryabhattan(1) 499ADAryabhateeyam
Latavedan(Disciple of
Romakapoulisha Sidhanta
Panchasiddhantika and Brihad Samhita
Brahmasputa Siddhantham

Laghumanasa and Brahma Manasa

Sreepathi 1028AD
sidhanta sekhara
sidhanta siromani

There are some other treatises like parashaashors,saarvaavali,Manasaagari and the like.With the explanatory prepared in 966AD by bhattolpalan for the eighteen principles postulated by varahamihiran, the work of Varahamihiran is considered as the gospel.

Apart from pure astrology Brihad samhita covers Geography, meteorology, flora, portents,agriculture,economic,politics,physiognomy,engineering,botany,industries,zoology,erotics,gemology,hygiene,aquarus and stellar lore.

In India people consult an Astrologer to ascertain auspicious time for all special occasions like marriages. The crop will be abundant if the seeds are sown at the appropriate time and results will not be favorable if the time chosen is not auspicious. This principle can be extended to all other activities and hence importance of MUHUTRHAM or auspicious moment or periods.

Marriage is one of the most important moment in one’s life and all religious groups attach importance to the event. The ritualistic part may differ from one community to another but the sanctity of the occasion is ever questioned.

According to scriptures the important of marriage goes beyond carnal satisfaction and procreation, Both men and women have innate virtues and it is suggested that what is found lacking in the may have available in plenty in the female; n advice versa. Seperate existence of such virtues does no good to either and only marriage can cause fusion of these qualities. It is bonding of mental and spiritual power of the couple.

Marriages between those brought up in diverse surroundings especially between the virtuous and those who were wayward in their formative years, is generally frowned upon. After detailed analysis of pedigree cum economic status negotiations between the families of bride and bridegroom are initiated. Next come comparison of horoscopes. Astrologers play vital role here and they can predict the course of marriage life. If impediments are noticed remedial measures are also suggested.

Detailed procedures are there in scriptures. Those interested in resorting to remedial measures can utilize the services of tantrics and mantrics to perform rituals In the name of and for the benefit of the concerned persons.

Mr.Narayanan Namboodiripad belongs to the famous Kanippayyur family whose tradition to Astrology goes beyond recorded history.Kanippayyur illustrates the possibility of one family excelling in two spheres of activities astrology and Architecture.

Successive generations have comptetenently carried forward the torch of professional acumen. In the field of astrology, special mention has to be made of kanippayyur Sankarn Namboodiripad (1891-1980) who strode the arena of astrology like a colossus. The almanac Yogakshema panchangam brought out by him in 1909 is now 90 years old and continues to be the most important reference book in Hindu households of kerala.

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