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Monday, 28 July 2008 09:24
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Indian astrology was once looked down upon a manifestation of superstition, but the situation has changed. Once a phenomenon in the domain of Hindus, it has now been accepted universally, even cutting across religious barriers. Daily and weekly forecasts by newspapers and periodicals have wide readership.

Though analytical forecast of possible events in life is the core of astrology common people tend to ignore the mathematical part on which interpretations are based .the forecast phase consists of 1.Genaral Horoscope spanning one’s lifetime and 2.Inrepretations based on current happenings.

Horoscope in Sanskrit is JAATHAKAM.’Jaatha’ is the emergence and ‘kam’ is the head. The birth star is identified by noting the exact time when the whole head of the infant emerges out. Another school of thought has it that the exact time of birth is when the infant has the first breath of fresh air containing oxygen or starting.

Horoscope gives general guidance but for minute details further analysis of planetary positions during periods of stress\calamity failures in office ventures etc are imperative. Here verifications in consultation with competent astrologers are indicated. Forecasts appearing in print\visual media usually generalize matters.

All over the western world, people bestow importance only on the date of birth and not the time of birth. Most are ignorant about the stars and the phases of moon when the birth actually takes place. If accurate astrological analysis is to be undertaken, another aspect known in kerala parlance as KOORU has also to be reckoned with.KOORU evolves out of the influence of the sun, stars and the moon.Rasi indicates the apparent shift of the SUN.

In short, birth star and Kooru are the most two important factors in astrological verification and predictions. This aspect has to be understood by those seeking advises.

In Hindu methodology there are twenty seven stars and they are Aswini,Bharani,Krithika,Rohini,Mrigasire,Aaroodham,Punarvasu,pushya,



sathabhishag,Porvabhadrapada,utharbhadrapada and revathi.

These are subsequently clubbed into twelve RASIS and certain overlapping also occurs.

Aswini, bharani,krithika 1\4 MehsamAries
Krithika,Rohini,Mrigasire 1\2Rishabha
Mrigasire1\2,Aaroodham,Punarvasu 3\4
Makha,poorvaphalguni,Uthara phalguni 1\4
Utharaphalguni3\4,Hastha,Chithar 1\2Kanya
Chitra1\2,swathi,Vishakha 3\4
Vishakha1\4, Anuradha, jyeshta
Moola, poorvashade, Utharashade 1\4
Utharashade3\4, Sraavana, Dhanishta 1\2
Dhanishta1\2, Sathabishag, poorvabhadrapada3\4
Poorvabhadrapada1\4, Uthabhadrapad, revathimeena

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